Nutrition club

All wellness coaches are Herbalife Independent Associates and operate independently. However, we are an organisation with a common lineage and hence coaches attached to our system of operations follow a common method of working on a daily basis. All our activities are planned, organised and conducted keeping the customers' best results and satisfaction in mind. The centre of our operations is a Nutrition Club and all activities that we conduct revolve around this main place of work, which is the club.

Nutrition Club is a place where invited members come together on a regular basis to share general health, wellness and nutrition information in a social atmosphere and enjoy Herbalife products. This happens in commercial space where 2 or more wellness coaches could be working together. The primary objective is to provide balanced nutrition to its members. Providing socialization and a sense of community among its members are just some of the keys to a club’s success. Initially clients join 6 days to try the programme and then most members eventually become retail customers for their home consumption or continue as nutrition club members.

We also extend a "Customer Loyalty Programme" to offer discount benefits to our loyal, long term customers.


It is important to eat well, sleep well and lead active lifestyle. Though weightloss is considered major parameter for being fit, we promote active lifestyle – which assures healthy and fit – YOU!
Here are few solutions which our wellness experts have curated -

1. Herbalife Nutrition as healthy breakfast. Through the use of Herbalife products you will get complete balanced nutrition which not just serves as a healthy breakfast but helps manage hunger and provides all the vital nutrients that the individual may otherwise be lacking

2. Customised meal planning. The wellness coach will make changes to the quantity and quality of other meals so that each meal has a balance of macro nutrients and matches the level of caloric output of the individual. Meals are also scheduled in a way so that you are not left feeling hungry or starving at any time.

3. Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities / Exercise Routines: A coach will recommend and demonstrated easy exercise routines for better body composition depending on the your fitness levels and comfort level for any particular exercise.

4. Follow up Routine: Once the person starts on the programme, we conduct regular check-ups and follow up on their progress to see if they are moving towards their ideal parameters. We may make changes in their meals or exercise routines along the way for best results. We send out reminders for check-ups through a system that spreads "Customer Delight"