Fitness Pictures

At ActiFit, we help you become part of an environmenr that supports healthy weight management. Join our different activities and get motivated to achieve your health and fitness goal.

Nutrition Club

How hard it is to avoid tasty food? And how simple it is to know that not all tasty food items are healthy! We know this fix and hence, love to guide people with right diet. The correct food intake which is tasty and healthy! AND SO, we have many cooking activities with the actifit community! Be it salads, pastas (you heard it right), protein cooking or event deserts! (no no no.. we are kidding with the dessert part)

5k Runs

12362757_1489048868069112_4551423043818618722_oThose number of snoozes we do, and take one more day to skip our runs! Now , we help you with reminders, group runs and superb motivation to step out and run! Be it your first 500m or 5kms run, ACTIFIT makes sure, you keep that miles on the tracker right. Core exercises , warm ups and correct nutrition for you to make your run easy! We want to see you on the finish line of your first half marathon (YES, THAT is POSSIBLE!)

Fitness Camp

1426403_1495140464126619_2617708706935161698_nCore strength - so many active members neglect this. So many of us who are overweight, dont even think about it. We conduct boot camps to help you with increasing your core strength and keep you fit - TO THE CORE, literally. When group activities boost you with high motivation, we love that sweaty smile!

Body Transformation

12238470_1483007742006558_6154500665675750311_o40 days of determination, perseverance, hard work and awesomeness! We had a great journey of this season, 122+ particpants and we lost 200kgs as a group! WOW!

Wellness Education

Actifit's Wellness Education Programmes provide useful information resources to help you develop life-long healthy habits, stay well-balanced, and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle. We provide workshops, presentations, and awareness campaigns on these topics. Do give us a call to know more.

Wellness Evaluation

What we eat and our lifestyle choices influence our health, energy levels and general well being. In order to make positive changes you need to have a basic understanding of the principles of nutrition. Give us a call to help you identify your areas of concern and adapt this knowledge, along with appropriate changes, to your daily routine.

Other activities at Actifit

  • Wellness information on programs
  • Healthy Breakfasts
  • Personal Development Initiatives
  • Shake Parties (product sampling)