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"Welcome to ActiFit Transformations. I am thrilled to see you and your search for weight loss ends here. I am looking for busy people who are seriously looking for a body transformation. It is my passion to get people results without strict dieting, calorie counting or many hours in the gym. Our online programmes can easily be followed by anyone anywhere. But heres the thing...

I could lose 28kg of body fat because I decided to start. So go ahead, take your first step by applying, and I am with you to help you achieve your weight loss goal. I promise! :-) "
ActiFit Transformations Coach
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What You Get In The Online Programmes

#1: Meal Plans and Nutrition

  • ​Meals plans according to your goals and food choices
  • ​Nutritional support is included for best results
  • ​Shopping lists for kitchen 'must-haves'
  • ​​Dining out options for holidays/functions
  • Meal corrections based on client updates and photos

#2: Exercise & Lifestyle Improvement

  • ​Daily LIVE and PERSONALISED workouts
  • Variety of HIIT, mobility, yoga, pilates, dumbbells, Zumba...
  • Workouts for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Posture corrections based on client's videos

#3: Weekly 1-1 Follow-up and Accountability

  • ​Regular weight and measurement checks 
  • ​WhatsApp support for daily disciplines
  • ​Weekly calls to review progress and make adjustments
  • ​App Support to log all activities, meals and progress
  • ​Badges and rewards for consistency and results

#4: Education & Know-how

  • ​Ongoing support for all members via FB Page
  • ​Weekly live sessions for knowledge about nutrition and fitness
  • Community support for inspirational stories
  • ​WhatsApp Support for Q&A


28 Day Fitness Challenge

Programme Cost: Rs. 4799/-

  • Daily live workouts with me
  • Lose fat, gain muscle
  • ​Get disciplined about exercising
  • ​Find your daily motivation with the group
  • ​Get specific workout instructions 
  • ​Achieve body conditioning and fitness

28-Day Personalised Weight Loss Plan

Programme Cost: 8977/-

  • Personalised meal plans, catered to your food choices and weight loss goal. 
  • Personalised workouts + live workouts
  • ​Daily motivation (1-1 chat)
  • ​Weekly review and adjustments
  • ​Community support + education
  • ​Post workout nutrition support
  • ​Set and achieve weight loss goals

Results with Gauri_Niranjan

** Please note that prices for International Orders may vary slightly. 
Details will be shared on the start-call, once you apply.

Transformation Stories at ActiFit

"I was sick and tired of being overweight and tired. I just was so exhausted and I was desperately looking for results. I didn't want 6 packs or anything. Just wanted to get rid of 10 kg and feel healthier. At ActiFit, I got more than what I wanted!" 

"Like any college student, I too wanted to be able to wear trendy clothes and fit in XS size t-shirts. But because of my weight, I looked much older and I was not happy. With ActiFit, I lost weight, I learnt yoga and now I am also a yoga instructor. This is what I always wanted" 

"I work an IT job. I have a little son and I have to manage home and work and it leaves me with no time for myself. ActiFit is a blessing for me. I have my good nutrition, I can eat everything I like and just do a moderate workout. Weight loss was NEVER this easy. I am loving the feeling of being thin."

"My weight was making me suffer psychologically and physically. I was living away from home, had to eat outside food and there was no way I could have followed any strict routine because I did not have access to a kitchen. Gauri made sure I lost weight only with the help of Herbalife Nutrition and helping me make the right choices with food that was available.

*Results are not typical. Individual results may vary. Herbalife Nutrition does not claim to cure any disease. 

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Asawari Patankar: Banker

Vandana Belitkar; Senior IT Consultant

Durgesh Jathar: IT Professional (shift duty)

Abhishek; Mechanical Engineer

Are You...

  • Struggling to lose weight, stubborn fat and inches?
  • ​Want to know "how" to lose weight and maintain it instead of just getting a "one-time" plan?
  • ​Want a real "coach" who you can speak with from time to time rather than following a pre-designed programme?
  • ​Too busy to spend time in the gym or cook separately for yourself?
  • ​Struggling to learn how to enjoy social settings with your spouse, family, or friends without feeling the guilt of falling off track?
  • ​Just feeling confused with "Yes carbs or no carbs, Do I really need protein, My metabolism is slow, Should I do cardio or weights, Do I eat 2 times a day or 4 times a day" ... we'll tell you what is fact, vs fiction for YOU! 
  • Sick and tired of looking at awesome bodies on Instagram and feeling frustrated?
  • ​Looking for guidance, support and encouragement rather than some challenge or magic diet?
  • ​​If you've answered YES to any of these questions, we want to speak with you! If you qualify, we'll hold a brief 1-1 call to discuss your future, and determine if this is the right fit for you. Just click below to apply!

Ketan used to do heavy workouts, which was great. With Herbalife Nutrition and a good meal plan, he started seeing results. We had to actually help him take things easy. 

Medha, a school teacher was clear about her goals. It took us a little longer to get her results. We had to educate and motivate her along the way. This is what we like doing!

Mittal was able to make AMAZING progress while not sacrificing anything. This is the kind of lifestyle that’s going to be sustainable long term- it’s not always about sacrifice and grind… it’s about finding something that works FOR you

Suhas has had an incredible journey. Weight loss is not always about showing off your body. It's more about good health and longevity. Following a plan which has a BALANCED APPROACH. 

Sunil not just lost weight but started running, something he had never done before. When you transform your body to be fit, NEW opportunities start presenting and that is most exciting.

Neha is a quiet person. She really needed no special guidance. Her sincere approach is what worked in her favour. All we did was made sure she gets her plans on time!

Samta wanted to get rid of her pregnancy weight. We actually got her to start exercising right away. She needed to not just lose weight but also gain strength. According to us it's important to focus on body composition not just keep looking at the scale.

Dhanashree actually came for her daughter's weight loss. She quickly realised that she has to be the "example". Really, when you lose weight, it inspires everyone around you. 

Meet the Chitre family. When habits change it benefits the whole family. The changes that we make need to be sustainable and something that not just one person, but the whole family can follow.

Prachi is one client we love because she always asks us questions. One of our passions is to educate people and help them make informed choices. Our goal is to help clients and liberate them from this "I want to lose weight" status and "I am not all fit" status!

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