Nutrition club


We understand that tremendous effort to fight your body’s nature and restrict yourself from food or to exercise just for the sake of burning calories.At Actifit, we help you find your healthy weight by learning how to eat what you want in a way that makes you feel well, move your body for pleasure and well-being, begin to change negative body image, and manage weight-related  stress. Our programs not just help you to look great but also feel better about yourself!

Weight Loss Programmes
Join our result-oriented weight loss programmes. With the help of meal planning, balanced nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle, we will help you to lose between 3-5 kg body fat per month and then at ideal weight, help you to maintain it your life!
Weight Gain
Out weight gain programmes help you gain lean muscle and keep your fat low while you put on between 2-4 kgs a month.
Fat Loss
A good body composition is having more muscle and less fat. If your weight is near ideal, having a healthy body composition will make you look more fit and trim. At Actifit, we help you to change your body composition so that you can improve your quality of life and overall wellness.
At Actifit we believe that you can not just maintain healthy weight but take on challenges and be part of our Warrior Workouts. These are 8 week challenges and are final stage of fitness for you!